Deity Worshippers Symbol
Asgera, goddess of Mercy and Redemption Beggars, luminomancers A spear descending from the sun
Asmund, god of Justice and Retribution Soldiers, crusaders A warhammer
Astrid, goddess of Beauty and Dreams Artists common folk Profile of a cloud-haired maiden
Balder, god of the Sun, Knowledge and Wisdom Common folk, hermits, sages A sun with nine points
Colbar, god of Death, Deception and War Assassins, thieves, warriors A skull enclosed in four scythes
Fritjof, god of Corruption and Undeath Necromancers, goetics A rising skeletal hand
Tyra, goddess of Melody and of all Arts Artists, bards A three-stringed lyre
Ylva, goddess of the Moon, Night and the Woods Druids, merchants, thieves A crescent moon over a tree

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